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When is paradise ever what it seems in the world of video games? Not often. But one game set the standard for beautiful islands not being what they seem, and that is Far Cry. For in this game you are a mercenary named Jack Carver, who was hired to do one job, bring a reporter named Valerie to a seemingly peaceful island. And you do that, but the moment you do, your boat is attacked, and Valerie is taken. Now, you need to go get her back, and figure out just what is going on with this "paradise". But it won't be easy, for on this island is group of mercenaries and militia who are dead set on doing horrible things to the human race, as well as Valerie. What's worse, Jack only has a single gun on him, meaning that you'll have to make every shot count, as well as be able to capitalize on your foes to better equip yourself. The gameplay of Far Cry is legendary, and you'll experience just how epic it is when you're able to shoot players from 800 meters away with a sniper rifle, and use binoculars to perfectly lock in on your targets. Plus, Far Cry's A.I is no joke, as the enemy mercenaries will actually adapt to your tactics to ensure that no fight is easy, or played the same way. Use tactics, skills, and guile to outwit and outlast your foes. Get bigger and better weapons so that you can take them all down, save the girl, and save the world.

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Genomnittligt : 3.5/5 (68 röster)
  • Teknisk information

  • Officiell webbplats : Far Cry
  • Kategorier : Action , FPS
  • Utgivare : Ubisoft
  • Utvecklare : Crytek Studios
  • Läge(n) : Solo , Multiplayer
  • Utgivningsdatum : 2004 njuk 23
  • Systemkrav
    • Minimi
    • OS : Win XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • CPU : Pentium 4 1.3GHz / Athlon XP 1600+
    • RAM : 256 MB
    • GPU : GeForce 8300 / Radeon 9250
    • HDD : 4 GB
  • Åldersklassificering
  • PEGI 16
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